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CleanTech Challenge is platform where individuals express their ideas, build teams and bring to the forefront innovative products and services that promote urban development, sustainable innovation, well being and economic growth.

With over 50% of the worlds population now living in cities reducing the pollution of cities and its citizens will be a leverage point when dealing with climate change issues.

CleanTech Challenge for Sustainable cities aims to attract realistic student and academic solutions through a 2-stage competition. Throughout the competition, participants will receive guidance, feedback and mentorship from industry professionals & innovation and business experts. The finalist teams will have the opportunity to work on their ideas together with our partners BUT ALSO compete in live “Boot Camp” finals in London together with the winners of other CleanTech competitions in Europé. There, they will have the opportunity to market and export their ideas internationally.

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The areas of ”CleanTech for Sustainable cities” competition are:

  • Energy systems – smart energy production solutions, energy efficiency etc.
  • Monitoring systems & ICT technologies
  • Resource management solutions – Water & waste management,  efficient use of commodities, collaborative techniques etc.
  • Transportsustainable transport solutions , transport optimization  (e.g as traffic allocation,distribution hubs etc.)
  • Habitsmobile applications, behavioral changes, gamification etc.
  • Ecosystem services–  green walls, permaculture techniques,  efficient food supplies, excess energy use and rain water collection etc.
  • Sustainable housing – Smart & efficient housing solutions, flexible accommodation etc.
  • Well Being – innovative wellness solutions, healthy and safe environments, integration ideas and welfare etc.

Timeplan for CTC 2016

CTC 2016 Timeline

‘CleanTech Challenge’ prizes

Winning solutions will be selected by our partners that they feel best suit their skills and experience that would further develop the solution. The CleanTech Challenge should be seen as a starting point leading to further collaboration and to establishing stronger synergies between academic, public and private sectors.”

<strong>Prize A</strong>
Prize A A Trip to London and the chance to win £10,000
A winning entry of CleanTech Challenge 2016 will win a trip to London to compete in the ‘Boot Camp’ organised by UCL and LBS universities. At the Boot Camp teams from around the globe meet and go head-to-head in our grand final CleanTech Challenge for a £10,000 cash prize. This is a great opportunity to further develop the winning idea, network and to get to know investors that can support their ideas, build cooperations assisted by the CleanTech Challenge team & partners.

The Boot Camp will be on 21st & 22nd April 2016. Accommodation and flights for unto 4 team members will be funded by Håll Ut, the organisers of the CleanTech Challenge 2016.

<strong>Prize B</strong>
Prize BInternship with a CTC partner
The second winner wins an internship and gets the opportunity to work on its project idea together with one of our industry or organizational partners. The matching of the team with the CTC’s partner will become according to the relevance of the partners interest and the project proposal.

<strong>Prize Γ</strong>
Prize ΓMentorship program at Uppsala Innovation Centre
Uppsala Innovation Centre is ranked in the top 10 innovation incubators in the world. A winning team will have the opportunity to develop their ideas assisted and mentored by UIC’s program Business start up and together with the valuable help of business and start up experts will get the idea of the ground.

The Competition in 4 steps


You need to read carefully the instructions and the criteria of the competition in order to avoid misinterpretations and mistakes!Learn More
A good team is as important as a good idea. Therefore the competition organizers will give a special focus on the team members.Please like us on Facebook to follow all the events and updated and join our matchmaking & event community on ConferizeJoin our online network
It is important to be able to express your ideas in a clear and understandable way.Try to transfer your knowledge even to those who are not technically skilled.Answer the questions carefully, and prepare a short visual presentation. Prepare a 2 minute pitch (e.g ideas which go to the next stage) and convince our partners that you are the winner Learn More
All the participants of CleanTech Challenge will be invited to our event in Uppsala on the second week of May 2016 where they can actively participate in the prize ceremony, meet people from industry, academia and the public sector  and present their solutions in the exshibitionLearn More

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