The CleanTech Challenge in 3 steps

Before you submit your proposal please read all the instructions carefully. Like the CTC page on Facebook HERE to get the latest updates. For any questions feel free to ask the CTC management team
All you have to do is to register your project team and give a small but reasonable description of your idea. This can be in form of  video, power point presentation or text. Please be sure that you have answered all the questions
Dont forget to become part of the CTC community to get the latest information, find partners & meet CTC partners. There you will also find all information needed to participate in CTC 2018. Best winning entries will present their solutions to business & innovation experts, investors and potential customers.

About CleanTech Challenge

CleanTech Challenge (CTC) is a platform that uses the competition format as a way to generate and crowd source innovation to challenges, encouraging solutions towards sustainable development.

The CleanTech Challenge competition has proven to be a successful way create new ground and come up with innovative solutions to challenges facing a region and solutions towards its environmental & sustainability goals. We believe that such solutions can come by products, processes or services that reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible.

The overall aims of a CTC Competition are to:

  • Bring to the forefront innovative Clean Technology & ICT ideas, products and services related to sustainable development

  • Create the conditions for the development and implementation of innovative solutions;

  • Draw attention to the potential of environmental technology required for a carbon-free society;

  • Bring innovative solutions to the region, assist regional environmental goals, establish synergies and register new companies.

  • Bring academia, industry and public sector under the same sustainability umbrella.

CleanTech for Sustainable Cities 2018”

For the first time in history, the majority of people live in cities, and the urban population continues to grow. This has created a great need for more efficient, sustainable, and smart city solutions.un_sustainability-goals

The CleanTech Challenge is at the forefront of the development of clean, sustainable and affordable solutions applied to sustainable and smart cities. In many cases the cutting-edge solutions are developed within small or medium-sized enterprise, others by individuals and visionaries and others yet by sustainability enthusiasts. All these groups of people we, the CleanTech Challenge team, welcome to participate in one of regions most renown sustainability innovation competitions, ”CleanTech Challenge – CleanTech for Sustainable Cities”.

The goal is to discover solutions that can make our society a better place to live, and at the same time help reaching the UN 17 Sustainability Goals. We believe that Innovative sustainability solutions, technologies, services as well as innovative thinking are the main ingredients to reach these goals!


This year CleanTech Challenge will run in two avenues, the academic and student avenue, and the start up avenue. The event plan of the CleanTech Challenge (e.g submission,evaluation, prize ceremony) is the same for both the academic and start up avenues and goes as follows:

Competition tracks

The two independent tracks of CleanTech Challenge for Sustainable Cities are:

  • The student & academic avenue: Winners will represent Swedish and scandinavian academia at the global CleanTech final In London (“The Eurovision of CleanTech Challenge, like someone once called it). There they will have the opportunity to meet international investors, get feedback on their project gain valuable experience and see where they stand in comparison to some of the most renown Knowledge institutions in the world like Harvad, MIT, Imperial College London business School and more.

  • The small enterprize avenue: The 10 entries that are deemed best are invited to an event in Uppsala (Sweden) in June 2017, where they will have the opportunity to present their ideas to many representatives of the industry and meet potential customers and investors.

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Submit your idea and take your ideas off the ground. None of the information will be disseminated without your permission.(Final date for Submissions 25th of March 23:59)


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CTC Community

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CTC Community

Focus areas :

The 7 focus areas of ”CleanTech for Sustainable cities 2017-2018” are:


  • Clean and sustainable energy solutions (including monitoring & ICT)…

  • Urban resource efficiency and city’s circular economy…

  • Sustainable transport and housing…

  • Natural and ecosystem services…

  • Buildings and infrastructure that supports recycling…

  • Intersectoral collaboration and integrated system solutions

  • Habits (behavioural chance) & Well Being – innovative wellness solutions, healthy and safe environments, integration of ideas and welfare etc.

CTC Community

Join CTC online community


CTC Community

Winning solutions & prizes


Thanks to our new partners CleanTech Challenge organisers will provide to the best-selected submissions (both academic/student & start ups) cost free assistance by experts (CTC partners) on business development and innovation management but also provide advice on exposure to international markets (e.g Europe, Asia, Africa and South America)

The submission process will be the same for the two tracks. The final evaluation score however will be different for the two submission categories. The students/academics will be evaluated together and the start ups together. Best 10 entries from both avenues, (not only winning entries) will gain international exposure and get invited to our CleanTech Event in Sweden, (Uppsala) where they will have the opportunity to present their ideas , meet potential costumers, and investors.

Taking part in the CleanTech Challenge can be the first step to get your ideas off the ground. It can also be an opportunity to gain valuable experience, learn a whole lot and make useful connections with potential investors, employers or buyers.


  • Trip to London, and chance to win £10,000 cash (120 000 SEK)

  • Contacts with international investors & get international experiences participating in the the Global CTC Innovation competition

  • Internship with a CTC partner.

  • Invitation to the final CleanTech event in Sweden.

  • Official certification of participating in CleanTech Challenge.

  • Possibility to sell their solutions

  • Check with export possibilities

  • Mentoring and coaching by CleanTech partners

  • Contact with CleanTech Investors!

  • Invitation to the final CleanTech event in Sweden


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Submit your idea and take your ideas off the ground. None of the information will be disseminated without your permission. (Final date for Submissions 25th of March 23:59)


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Main Partners for CleanTech for Sustainable Cities


We Imagine CleanTech Challenge as….


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CleanTech challenge is one of the most sound events in the region which creates new ground and opportunities in the cleantech sector!

Read carefully the instructions of how you submit your project idea or how you can participate in the event here!

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