Goal of the Challenge!

All over the world national governments and local authorities are announcing targets for reduced carbon dioxide emissions to limit the effect of climate change. To do this we’re going to need more innovative ‘clean technology’ solutions!

What do we mean when talking about Clean Tech?

Clean Technology or CleanTech includes but extends well beyond renewable energy. We define CleanTech as “products, processes or services that reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible.” Example sectors include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Waste and water management
  • Reducing energy demand
  • Innovative materials based on natural elements

Clean Technology for Sustainable Cities

This year the CleanTech Challenge will focus on ‘CleanTech for Sustainable Cities’. With over 50% of the worlds population now living in cities reducing the pollution of cities and its citizens will be a tipping point when dealing with climate change issues. Examples of where innovation in CleanTech can help reduce pollution within cities:

  • Urban development (e.g. ICT CleanTech services, emission monitoring, …)
  • Habitual (e.g. carpooling, reducing energy and water consumption, …)
  • Ecosystem services (e.g. green walls, excess energy use , rain water collection, …)
  • Optimization of existing systems (e.g. electrical transport, traffic allocation, distribution hubs, …)


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What are the aims of CleanTech Challenge?

CleanTech Challenge 2016 (CTC 2016) will be a competition for students and academics; the competition is a platform where environmentally friendly, creative and innovative solutions are formed and evaluated for commercialisation.

We wish to support all participants by providing networking opportunities and the chance to develop their own technical and business skills through the process of concept development, business planning and pitching.

Winning solutions will be selected by our partners that they feel best suit their skills and experience that would further develop the solution. CTC2016 should be seen as a starting point leading to further collaboration and to establishing stronger synergies between academic, public and private sectors.

The overall aims of CTC2016 competition are to:
– Promote new ideas and help student innovators get their ideas off the ground;
– Create the conditions for the development and implementation of innovative solutions;
– Increase knowledge in environmental engineering and sustainability issues for students;
– Draw attention to the potential of environmental technology required for a carbon-free society.

How do i get involved?

The CleanTech Challenge 2016 is NOW OPEN for submissions. You may submit as a team OR individual a CleanTech idea that you believe that could be developed as a viable business. Submissions can be made in the CleanTech Challenge portal. One of the winning solutions will be offered the chance to represent Sweden in the international CleanTech Challenge ‘Boot Camp’ in London with their idea pitched against the best of other CleanTech hubs from around Europe.

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The deadline for the final submissions is 18th March 2016.


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