What are the aims of CleanTech Challenge?

CleanTech Challenge (CTC) is a platform for students, academic teams, young entrepreneurs and start ups; CTC acts as a platform where eco-friendly, creative and innovative solutions are formed and used together with key regional actors.

CTC supports all participants by providing networking opportunities and the chance to develop their own technical and business skills through concept development, business planning and innovation advisory.

CTC should be seen as a starting point leading to further collaboration and to establishing stronger synergies between academic, public and private sectors.

The overall aims of thecompetition are to:
– Promote new ideas and help innovators get their ideas off the ground;
– Create the conditions for the development and implementation of innovative solutions;
– Increase knowledge in environmental engineering and sustainability issues;
– Draw attention to the potential of environmentally technology required for a carbon-free society.

How do i get involved?

The CleanTech Challenge 2019 is NOW OPEN for submissions. You may submit as a team OR individual an idea that you believe could be developed further.  One of the winning solutions will be offered the chance to represent Sweden in the international CleanTech Challenge ‘Boot Camp’ in London together with other international sustainability ideas.

Goal of the Challenge!

The competition is open to all who have any good  idea to be used for  ‘Sustainable Cities‘ . 

Entry fees

There are no entry fees.


All entries must be the original work of the the teams willing to participate

All entries and presentations (including verbal and written material) made as part of the Challenge should be made with full understanding our regulations on Intellectual Property Rights. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure that no third party, such as a research sponsor or another member who participated in your research, has any rights on the contents which may prevent its disclosure and exploitation. Such Proprietary Information relating to the Idea should not be disclosed.


As part of submitting entries, Entrants give permission to the CTC organisers to make their submissions available to all CTC organisers and the CTC jury.

Entrants need to answer all the questions found on the ”Submission Tab” of CleanTech Challenge homepage. The entrants need to log in CTC Social platform and fill the application form  in a short and clear way. There is no limitation in the number of entries that may be submitted – feel free to send as many innovations and solutions as possible!

Entries will not be accepted after the deadline.

Successful Entrants will be notified by email. The decision of the judges is final. No correspondence will be entered into between any applicant and the judges during the competition.


The final entrees and presentations will be judged by a panel of judges with expertise in the CleanTech sector, such as investors, entrepreneurs, former winners of CTCs and those with experience of the industry. The judging panel of the CleanTech Challenge competition will be coordinated by the CTC organisers.

CleanTech Challenge will put together a jury from our partners, actors within the field of sustainability,technology and innovation of the public, industrial and academic sector.

The CTC organisers, acting on advice from the Judges, reserve the right to disqualify any Entry that, in its opinion, violates the rules or the spirit of the competition.

All prizes are awarded at the discretion of the judging panel and all judging decisions are final and not subject to appeal.


Prizes for the winning solutions will not be handed out based upon a first, second and third choice; instead winning solutions will be selected by our partners, entries that they feel best suit their skills and experience that would further develop the solution.

CTC partners may provide mentorship and assistance in order to reach a higher score in the final evaluation.

Sustainable cities picture


Entrants acknowledge that in an open competition such as the CTC it is difficult to maintain confidentiality whilst at the same time enabling ideas to be shared and developed by other Entrants.

The Organisers will organise optional online and offline networking opportunities to help Entrants to share ideas and form Teams. Entrants are strongly advised not to disclose any information that may compromise their ability to secure protection of their intellectual property since such information will be available to other Entrants.

Intellectual property rights

The Organisers will ensure that all Entrants acknowledge this ‘Competitions Disclaimer’ agreement.

The Organisers, and the participants will take no further responsibility to protect the intellectual property or any other rights of any Entrant. The protection of intellectual property or other rights of the Entrants is the ultimate responsibility the Entrant in who possesses such intellectual property or other rights. If in doubt, Entrants should seek professional advice on the issues surrounding Intellectual Property Ownership and Rights.

Competition Disclaimer

By submitting an Entry to the Competition the Entrants agree to the following conditions:

The Ideas embodied in Entries are the original work of the Entrant(s) and their exploitation will not, to the best knowledge of the Entrant(s) (but without having made any specific inquiries) infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Entrants confirm that they have read the Rules and certify that their Entry complies with, and they agree to abide by, those Rules.

Entrants acknowledge that the Jury are mainly volunteering partners, assisting with the competition, and have no duty to provide any advice or service to any Entrant. In particular, but without limitation, any views expressed by the Jury are their own opinions, given in good faith.
Entrants understand that the Jury will take reasonable steps to keep Entries confidential, subject to the need to share and circulate information as necessary to facilitate smooth running of the Competition. They acknowledge and agree that legal protection of the intellectual property rights in any Entry is the sole responsibility of the Entrants.

Final Prize:
The CleanTech Challenge winners who will represent Sweden in London’s final , are offered, as a part of their prize, free traveling to and from London, accommodation, food during the bootcamp in London and mentorship by experts in the area. Besides, a big finalist has the possibility to win 10 000 GBR (around 125 000 SEK) . In case the finalists receive the monetary prize, they should kick back a part of it (20 000 SEK) for covering the traveling and accommodation costs of  the Swedish delegation (CTC winners and coordination team from Sweden). The Entrants understand that receiving the Prize comes with specific conditions, laid out in the Prize section of the Rules. The matching of the team with the CTC’s partner will become according to the relevance of the partners interest and the project proposal.

The Entrants agree to respect the confidentiality of any information disclosed by the other Entrant/s of the Competition.