CleanTech Challenge winners 2017

The academic winner of ‘CleanTech Challenge 2017 – CleanTech for Sustainable Cities’ is “Solar Åter”.

Solar Åter, uses an innovative solution that combines up-cycling of plastic waste with renewable energy. The Solar -powered plastic waste recycling system, can be primarily used in municipalities of developing countries that lack recycling services and have limited energy availability. Tests are also planned to be accomplished  in refugee camps and decentralized communities.

The solution can expand to all over the world and can contribute to a more sustainable society.

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CleanTech Challenge 2016 -2017 main partners


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CleanTech challenge is one of the most sound events in the region which creates new ground and opportunities in the cleantech sector!

Read carefully the instructions to see how you submit your project idea and how to participate in the final event!

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